While Yoga’s central theme remains the highest goal of the spiritual path, yogic practices give direct and tangible benefits to everyone regardless of their spiritual aims.

Physical and mental cleansing and strengthening is one of the yoga’s most important achievements. For most people yoga is simply a means of maintaining health and well-being in an increasing stressful society, with ASANAS do remove the physical discomfort and RELAXATION Techniques help to maximize individual’s effectiveness. In today’s parlance, YOGA provides a means for people to find their own way of connecting with their true self.

At BODY & MIND, a CENTER for YOGA & MINDFULNESS, we combine with a simplistic approach the essence of the different Yoga Systems of Hatha Yoga.

Posture Alignment – for safety & injury free practice

Ashtangas – for strength & stamina

Vinyasa Flow – for energy

We teach Yogasanas, Pranayama, Cleansing Techniques & Meditation in a traditional way matching pace of both beginner’s and advance practitioners.

Besides, emphasis is also on the therapeutic approach of Yoga for Psychosomatic & Psychiatric Disorders.

Mission & Vision
Our MISSION is to offer a wholesome YOGA experience to masses in a Safe, Entertaining and Vibrant Environment

Our VISION is to contribute towards creating a HEALTHY, HAPPY & STRESS FREE Society since